Friends and fans of F9, The March issue of Modern in Denver is out!  The article highlights the rise of F9 Productions from seedlings in Architecture school to sprouts 4 years into their own firm. Sprouts, as you know, are the densest form of nutrition.  The article highlights our "Doomsday Dwellings" but features the design process that has allowed us to thrive.

Starting from our skyscraper project, where like nature, we built complexity from simplicity,  the pages turn to our road to becoming a firm.
"F9 Productions decided that every year they would do a project, independent of client’s work, that would spark their interest and propel them into the future... F9 became a fast-growing, reputable firm and their full time endeavor." - Modern In Denver 

The article continues to highlight the features of each of the dwellings and spares no space for stunning visuals. 
 “It’s not about style or aesthetic,” Alex explains. “It’s about making good decisions.”

Good decisions are the backbone of F9 Productions. Challenging themselves to pursue progressive concepts while maintaining solid client relationships are what have allowed Alex and Lance to thrive during gloomy economic times. “We’re trying to stay nimble and on our feet like athletes,” Lance says.....

This foresight is what will allow firms like F9 to progress into an unforeseen future. Whatever the weather.
If you live in Colorado look for the magazine in your local; Barnes and Noble, Sprouts, Grocery store, or news stand. If you are a subscriber to the magazine your copy should be arriving soon. Some news stands are already stocked, if the March issues is not yet available look in for it in the next 7-10 days.

Check out the march issue of Modern in Denver. They should be arriving on the shelves tomorrow! F9 Productions has a seven page spread. More on the article later, but here is a seek peak from Modern in Denver's website:
Ever wonder what a Doomsday Dwelling looks like? Get to know the team behind F9 Productions, Lance Cayko and Alex Gore, who visually answer the question “How would nature grow a skyscraper?” The architectural designers created structures to withstand earthquakes, capture water and produce their own food and energy.
See if you can spot our layout here.
F9 Productions first magazine publication is in the 2011 Fall Luxury Home Quarterly Magazine. Among the likes of Kohn Pedersen Fox and LOHA, F9 Productions grazes half of page 13 with a small feature highlighting their Flood House design.