Here are her favorite predictions for 2012:

  1. Volatility ahead. With Europe now teetering, economic uncertainty will remain the big issue for every small business owner, with 44 percent of owners naming it the "one thing that stands between where you are today and growing your company," a Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute study found. Winners will have flexible long- and short-term plans so they can shift gears quickly.
  2. "Right-time" multichannel marketing. Watch for new tools that will help business owners better analyze complex customer behavior and comments on various social-media platforms. Then, you'll use that data to monetize your business's social-media presencewith tailored marketing campaigns that reach the right customer at the right time with the right message, opines Joe Cordo on the MarketingProfs blog.
  3. More cheap online ads. Marketing will center around a move to low-cost online tactics such as paid search, says Kenneth Wisnefski, founder/CEO of the SEO firm WebiMax. "Merchants and retailers who chose innovative and less-expensive advertising channels including social media and paid search were rewarded well during the Thanksgiving weekend," he says in reference to the spike in online sales.
  4. Customers in charge. More businesses will involve customers directly in merchandise and marketing decisions, Susan Reda writes in STORES magazine. How? Here's a hint: If you aren't doing online customer polls yet: Facebook makes those insanely easy to set up.
  5. Mobile purchasing grows. "Those retailers not optimizing their website for mobile phones need to start as soon as possible," says Diane Buzzeo, CEO of ecommerce-software provider Ability Commerce. Research firm eMarketer adds that m-commerce more than doubled this year to $6.7 billion, and expects it to quadruple again by 2015.
  6. Credit gets easier. Business owners may finally get the capital they need, says Odysseas Papadimitriou, CEO of the credit-card portal CardHub. Underwriting standards relaxed this year and will continue to loosen up in 2012, he says.
  7. Services head offshore. Service-sector businesses will be in demand overseas, Elance forecasts. This year, U.S.-based contractors exported their services to more than 140 countries through Elance's freelance portal.
  8. Daily deals die down. Experts agree: The daily-deal space is oversaturated with competing offers. Also, many business owners lost money doing daily deals. Expect a shakeout, both in the number of deal companies and in the types of deals offered.
  9. Retail-format experimentation picks up. From pop-up stores to smaller-format Wal-Marts to food trucks, expect more retailers and restaurateurs to experiment with their store layouts. As the economy slumbers, retailers will look for ways to make cheaper, smaller footprints work, the Booz & Company's "2012 Retail Industry Perspective" report says.
  10. More collaboration. This one's my prediction: the small businesses that stay afloat will be the ones that reach out to complementary businesses in their town or their industry and find ways to help each other.

Getting found online and driving lots of website traffic is the first step in a successful internet marketing campaign.  Luckily Jason Ruland, MD & Chairman of Get Me In Google!, has put together a list of 30 short website traffic tips for all of us:

  1. You can generate leads with less website traffic than you think
  2. You don't need to double your website traffic to double your leads
  3. Sharing blog articles in relevant Facebook groups will drive traffic to your website
  4. Answering questions in LinkedIn Answers will drive website traffic
  5. PPC advertising can be a cheap way to get web traffic
  6. Google cares about the quality of its search results, and could not care less about your website traffic
  7. Getting to the front page of Digg will drive thousands of website visitors to you site
  8. The enormous effort involved in getting to the front page of Digg is rarely worth the effort
  9. Low competition keywords can drive more web traffic than high competition ones
  10. Submitting articles to and other similar website will drive traffic to your site.
  11. Pay Per Click advertising is more effective if you link to a landing page, rather than your home page
  12. Adding pages to your website regularly will impress Google
  13. Inbound links account for 75% of the effort in getting ranked
  14. Aim every blog at a different keyword
  15. Put your keyword in the page URL
  16. Put your keyword in the page title
  17. Put your keyword in the meta keyword tag
  18. Put your keyword in the meta description tag
  19. Put your keyword in the <H1> tag
  20. Put your keyword in the image ALT tag
  21. Don't pay for links
  22. Submit your website to directories like Dmoz
  23. Tweet your keywords
  24. Leave comments on relevant Facebook pages linking back to your blog articles
  25. Contribute to Yahoo answers
  26. Use social bookmarking for your articles
  27. Create a 'lens' using Squidoo
  28. Write guest posts on others' blogs
  29. Leave comments on other relevant blogs
  30. Produce resources others' will link to - link bait

The original article can be found here  Enjoy!
Just a short 5 minute drive from our office is a great little hiking destination known as Rabbit Mountain.  The mountain (more of a hill really) is more or less an elevated prairie hike with 5.6 miles of three multi-use trails known as Eagle Wine, Overlook, and Indian Mesa.  We ventured onto Eagle Wind, a 2.0 mile loop with only 200 feet in elevation gain but amazing panoramic views of the Colorado Front Range, Meeker and Longs Peak as well.  Enjoy the brief tour....