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5 QUESTIONS with Al Gore and Lance Cayko, Co-Founders of F9 Productions

Rather than be discouraged in a difficult economy, two young entrepreneurs took it upon themselves to create a new opportunity for themselves.

Al Gore and Lance Cayko, who met while completing their master's degrees in architecture from North Dakota State University, won several top architecture awards in their graduating class. While they were able to find architecture careers after college, both friends were soon laid off from the jobs they had pursued after parting. They did, however, remember their commitment to starting a firm together one day, and started Longmont-based F9 productions (, a technologically astute design firm, that started in 2009.

The firm, specializing in residential design, graphic design, and 3D virtual modeling, has worked in Boulder, Fort Collins, Longmont, Denver and ColoradoSprings.Goreand Cayko spoke to the Camera about their forward-thinking business.

-- S. Gouri Srinidhi
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