In the spirit of Thanksgiving F9 Productions is offering a 10% discount on all new housing design contracts signed before the holiday*. With our already low prices you could save up to 50% compared to a traditional architecture firm.

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*Limited to the first 4 contracts signed. (Ends Nov. 24th 2011)
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Progress is made by lazy people finding easier ways to do things!

F9 Productions first magazine publication is in the 2011 Fall Luxury Home Quarterly Magazine. Among the likes of Kohn Pedersen Fox and LOHA, F9 Productions grazes half of page 13 with a small feature highlighting their Flood House design. 

Okay, this applies to clients without some sort of mental illness, so please take that into consideration.

1) Always be honest with potential clients and do not over-promise or under-estimate costs. The lowest costs and most recent dates will ALWAYS be the one the client remembers;

2) Follow up on what you have promised and do so within the time frame you set before the client. If you cannot meet this time line, be prompt informing the client as to why and when they will expect whatever it is you promised'

3) Keep your responsibilities clear. Often clients will lean on you to assume an expanded role and this may result in you being blamed for things not truly in under your control (i.e., zoning, weather, costs, etc.). Always be clear what you have been paid to perform and keep away from "favors" or "add on's" that are not spelled out contractually. The client will nearly always remember all the things you promised and not what they paid you for.

Doing a great job here at F9 is what we strive to do everyday and hearing it first hand from our clients is always an added bonus to a finished design and construction project.  Here's our latest recommendation with final construction photos to follow:

“Lance provides creative, timely, high quality services with absolute integrity.  He has earned my highest recommendation."

- Robert Wolfson, (MD MSHA - September 13, 2011)